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The paid version of Canva is called Canva for Work. Canva for Work has amazing features that are not accessible to free users.

  1. Ability to switch between both accounts (personal and business) easily with a single login.
  2. You can easily see your own designs, the designs that were only shared with you, and your whole teams’ designs, called the “Team Stream.”
  3. Save branded templates. Create templates for everything from social media graphics to presentations. This ensures consistency and empowers your social media, marketing, and sales teams to create their own on-brand graphics.
  4. The Brand Kit is really awesome! You can save your own colours and they’ll default to the top of your colour palette in any document. You can upload fonts and set each heading to different font types and sizes. And you can upload your logos for easy locating later.
  5. “Magic Resize”: Once you create a design you like, you hit the magic resign button and just like that, you have all the sizes you need to promote your blog post using the preset sizes in Canva or your own custom dimensions.
  6. One of the big advantages with Canva for Work is that you can use it with a group of people in your organisation. So, you can invite up to ten people to join your “team” and you can set them to be Administrators, Template Designers, or just Members.

If it makes financial sense for your business you should sign up for Canva for Work. The new features aren’t earth shattering, but they do solve for a few problematic issues with the free version and make it more user-friendly.

It’ll be easier to stay organised and quickly generate awesome images with the ability to create your own templates, keep images sorted in folders and call on the brand kit, as needed.

TIP: Canva for Work is free for Non-profit organisations.