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Getting started with Bloom opt-ins

What is Bloom?

Here’s the deal:

You need to build an email list. The larger and more engaged your email list is – the faster your website will grow and the more money you’ll make.

In the old days, we were only able to do this by using the opt-in options offered by our email providers. Today, we deploy opt-in forms in more locations on our websites, use page level targeting, add content upgrades, trigger forms based on user behaviour, run split tests to boost conversions and leverage other cutting-edge tactics. And we can do this with the help of plugins.

Bloom,  is an email opt-in plugin for WordPress. You can use this plugin to add various opt-in form types such as popovers, fly-ins, below post, inline and widgets.

While it comes with over 100 templates, many of those are simply variations on a theme. In other words, you have a number of different basic styles, and then those styles come templated with different colours.

In addition, however, you can also customise those templates to get colours and text that match the style you’re looking for.

With the Bloom plugin, you can target specific categories, pages, or posts.

The opt-ins come in different forms. You can place them inline (that is, in your content or sidebar itself), or you can have them pop up or fly in at different times.

In addition, you can do A/B testing with Bloom to determine which is the best opt-in form for you. The plugin comes with a stats panel for easy viewing. The Bloom plugin integrates with a large number of the major email service providers.

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