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Getting started with Lastpass

There’s also a LastPass Mac app, but most people will find the browser extension is all they need. If you plan on accessing LastPass from your mobile device, go ahead and download the app for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone too, but be prepared to sign up for a premium subscription if you want to sync passwords between multiple devices.

Step 1: Log in from your browser extension

Click the LastPass icon in your browser toolbar and select login to LastPass.

Step 2: Click on “Create Account”

Step 3: Type in your desired login information

Type in your email address and create a master password. Make this password strong, it’s the password you’ll always use to access LastPass and all of the passwords you create and store with it. Don’t forget this—you don’t have too many options if you do.

After you fill in in the information, read and agree to the policies, and click “Create Account”.

Step 4: You will be asked to re-enter your Master Password

Step 5: Follow instruction son the following screens

Click through the next few screen after reading each one. They will provide you with some additional basic information about LastPass.

Step 6: Open your Vault

When you reach the last screen. Click on “Open my Vault”

You are now ready to start saving and sharing your passwords!

The LastPass extension in your browser toolbar gives access to the tools and features you’ll use with LastPass. It’s red when logged in, and grey when you’re logged out.

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