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Before you can create a functioning opt-in form on your website using Bloom, you first need to connect Bloom to your email marketing software. We’ve been using MailChimp.

Once you’ve downloaded Bloom to your WordPress Dashboard you will click on Tools and then Bloom Settings. and then click the accounts icon to open up the accounts tab.

Step 1: Click on “New Account”

Step 2: Select “MailChimp” and verify your account

MailChimp requires a single piece of information to link your account, your API Key. These API Keys can be generated within your MailChimp account, and then copied and pasted into the Bloom account creation page.

Log in to your MailChimp account and then click the “Account” link. This will bring you to your account settings page. Next, click the “Extra” link followed by the “API keys” link to bring you to the API management page. Locate and click the “Create A Key” button. This will generate a new API Key for your account.

Copy and paste that key into the “API Key” field in the Bloom account creation page, and then click “Authorise.” If you have copied the key correctly, your account will be verified and your email lists will appear below the API Settings.

Click “Save & Exit” to finalise the process and add the account to Bloom.

You are now ready to create your first opt-in form.