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How to get more people reading your blog posts

The goal with each post is that you engage the user. We want people to actually read the posts and comment. Simply sharing is not enough.

Start with why

The why is your purpose, reason or inspiration for why you do what you do. That doesn’t just apply to your business as a whole. You need to define your why for each piece of content you publish to your blog. The best content is written with purpose and with a particular reader in mind.

Create an amazing introduction

We have to face the facts, most people aren’t going to read your entire blog post. Your introduction will make or break you.

Cut the fluff

Fluff is filler content. The article might repeat the same ideas, have unnecessarily long sentences and contain a minimal value. Think of your blog posts as a movie. Each paragraph or section is like a different scene. You want every scene to serve a purpose.

Whether it’s helping to make a transition from one scene to the next, explaining a crucial detail or helping to paint the overall picture, you want each scene of your movie (or blog post in this case) to be a piece of the puzzle.

Make it easy to skim

Readers should be able to easily find what they’re looking for within your blog post. With bullet points, numbered headers and good font spacing breaks, you can keep a reader’s attention much better.

Get visual

Using images also makes your content easier to understand in some cases.

Make content responsive

Responsive websites are sites that adapt to different screen sizes. So whether you’re viewing it from your laptop, smartphone or tablet, the proportions change to fit your screen size.

Having a responsive site helps ensure you’re not losing out on readers just because your site doesn’t show up correctly on their phone.

Post at the right time

Monitor your blog’s analytics over time so that you can see which days are the most active. If you notice spikes early on in the week, for instance, you can take advantage by putting new content out then. Find out when people are the most active on your blog and try to adjust your publishing schedule around that.

Create a conversation on Social Media

You can start with something as simple as ending posts by asking readers to continue the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

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