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How to get more people reading your emails

There are dozens of reasons for emails to go unread. From company memos to promotional emails, we all know how emails can pile up.

So, how do you get your customers to read your emails? Here are a few ideas:

Use and intriguing subject line

Create a 50-character sentence that hooks your reader. You can consider drawing inspiration from on of these categories:

    • Pop-culture
    • Movie line or song title
    • Humor
    • Curiosity
    • Outstanding deal
    • Take action

Use good format

In one glance, your audience should be able to tell what your email is all about. Consider these formatting tips:

    • Create a title
    • Use subheadings or bullet points
    • Generate a call to action button
    • Pick vibrant colours

Create an email buffet

You want to serve your audience a variety of different messages. Here are some ideas:

    • Welcome email
    • Announcement email
    • Newsletters
    • Customer appreciation email
    • Promotional email
    • Invitation email

Segment your list

One of the best ways to increase your open and conversion rates is to segment your list. By breaking your email list into specific groups, you can send targeted messages to your audience. Making sure your message lands in the right inbox is key. Some segmentation ideas include:

    • Demographics
    • Survey results
    • Past purchases
    • Email response rates

Use online tools

Try some of these services and apps to improve your emails and save time:

    • Email sign up form
    • Proofreading tools (Grammarly is a good one)
    • Content checking tools (Hemingway App is a good one)
    • Free image sites
    • Photo editing tools
    • Link tracking tools
    • Survey creation tools

Avoid a passive voice

We use active verbs when we speak because it’s both quicker and clearer to use active words. But when we write, most of us unconsciously shift into a stilted kind of prose that manages to say less even though it’s stuffed with too many words.

Be specific

We tend to use vague words; for instance, we’ll say we “had a great impact on quarterly sales” rather than “grew quarterly sales by 35%.”

As you work to improve your email strategy, monitor your metrics so you know what’s working.

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