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The difference between a page and a post

What is the difference between a page and a post?

When you’re beginning to create and grow your blog, a question you might run into right off the bat is: “What is the difference between blog page and blog post?” They kind of look alike, so what’s the diff?

Even though technically both pages and posts are pages on your website, they are not the same and they serve different roles.

Simply put, pages are static and posts are dynamic. Examples of your pages would be About, Services, Contact, etc.

Posts are written on a regular schedule and one of their key purposes is to keep your site fresh with new content. Posts can also be post types. For example,  if you are running an event plugin, the event pages you create are post types and therefore are technically considered posts.

In conclusion, pages are constant, Posts change. The question to ask yourself is: Will my visitors need to link to this information frequently? If the answer is yes then it probably should be a page.

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