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Using the Dropbox desktop application

The account that you create with Dropbox automatically includes a Dropbox folder (you can only have one per account) that shares files with other devices that have the Dropbox client installed and connected to your account.

The folder itself looks like a completely normal folder and will be displayed as such on your computer. Anything that you place into this folder is automatically made available in the Dropbox folder of any other computer or device that is associated with your account.

You don’t have to do anything to make this synchronisation occur: just drop the file into the folder the rest happens automatically.

Your Dropbox folder will contain two separate sub-folders when you first open it. The first is called Photos. The Photos folder’s use is obvious – it is meant to store photos! Dropbox includes a Photos folder by default because the service lets you view your photos online by navigating to and entering your login information.

The second pre-configured folder is the Public folder. This folder is designed to make sharing individual files easy.

The default Photos and Public folders are important to Dropbox’s functionality and should not be deleted. You can, however, add as many other folders as you’d like. The structure of your folders will be automatically replicated on other devices on which you’ve installed Dropbox.

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