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Why we use Flywheel hosting

Flywheel started in 2012 with a mission to improve the lives of web designers and web developers (and in turn their clients) that build on the WordPress platform.

The first thing you will notice about Flywheel is their outstanding customer service! They talk to you like a human, instead of a number.

They Focus Only On WordPress Hosting. That’s it, WordPress, no Joomla, no Drupal, no websites built with Flash and Javascript and a bit of HTML, just WordPress.

That means that their servers are built based on WordPress best practices to optimise the WordPress experience. Simply put, your WordPress site will run better here than on a shared hosting account from one of the bigger guys.

However, they will not host your email. This is not a problem for us since we will be showing you how to create your custom domain email with Google.

Reasons we love Flywheel:

  • Flywheel’s dedicated customer service team is helpful, extremely educated, courteous, and if your issue isn’t solved immediately they will follow up with you when it is.
  • One of the biggest security issues with any WordPress site is if WordPress is out of date, the site is poorly built or uses spammy plugins. With Flywheel, you don’t need as many plugins as they have security and speed built in. With fewer websites on per server, plus the server configured for WordPress, and CDN options, your site will have a noticeable speed difference from a previous host. And site speed is not only a Google ranking factor but a big user experience factor.
  • Free Migrations, Staging & Collaboration. For your migration, just give them your credentials to your old site and wait. They do all the dirty work of bringing it over for you to review. You also get a staging site, with the click of a button. Make all the changes you want, make sure it works, then with another click of a button, take those changes live. Sure beats experimenting on your live site and shooting it down.
  • Building a new site? Create the account, and start building.

Having a hosting platform that is easy for you to work with is very important – and Flywheel is as easy as it gets.

You want to change the world.
We want to help you do it.

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